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The way Garnet's character is set up is strange.

Fusion, as I understand it, is when two gems combine to create a new gem, which is essentially a new person. And this person's character is defined by the appearance and personalities of the two "host" gems.

The fusion is aware that it is a fusion, a sum of parts, and acknowledges the thoughts and feelings of its hosts. But this raises so many questions.

Does a fusion have its own thoughts and desires which are different from it's host? Can Garnet act autonomously from the desires of Ruby and Sapphire? If so, can they do anything to stop her besides un-fusing?

We've already observed that a fusion can develop it's own feelings and independence (as was the case with Sugilite, who had to be broken apart by force) so why has this never happened with Garnet?

Considering that Garnet CEASES TO EXIST whenever she unfususes, you'd think she'd more panicked at the prospect of Ruby and Sapphire unfusing, given that, if they never reform, she's basically dead.

It becomes difficult for me to care about her because, at any moment, she could be replaced by two squabbling gremlins.

Wouldn't it have been better if Ruby and Sapphire were established earlier as characters, and we came to understand the dynamics and intracies of their relationship and how this affects Garnet, rather than just be popped out every time the hack fraud writers need to establish that Garnet is having an internal dispute?

It feels like the only reason they weren't immediately introduced is so the show could have a "twist" at the end of the first season (Well, that and so Sugar wouldn't immediately turn off the audience with all the gay shit)

Am I wrong, /co/?