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>People hate New 52 and DCYOU
>People hate DC
>Johns comes and makes DC Rebirth
>Old beloved characters are back in the light (Wally West, Cass, etc)
>Characters are moving forwards and maturing in wonderful ways (Superman is married and has a family. Batman proposed to Catwoman).
>Events are mostly small and self-contained
>references to old beloved continuity and stories
>Plan laid out

>Johns gone
>Characters are regressing (Lois and Jon are shot into space to make Superman into a bland brooding swinger. Catwoman leaves Batman at the alter to make Batman sad pstd).
>fan favorite characters (like Wally, Cass) are shit on to prop up editor’s favorite characters (Barry, Babs).
>DC is literally making Idenity Crisis 2 and killing off two characters for edgy shockvalue written by King
>Bendis working for DC and has massive control
>writers are constantly randomly removed from titles and moved around

What the hell happened? DC Rebirth was one the best things to happen in the comics industry in years! Characters were moving forward in interesting ways and old fan favorite characters getting love.

What is going on with DC? Everyone loved what they were doing! But now it feels like DC has purposely literally burned their whole house down. Like someone cutting their nose off to spite their face. What is going on???!!!!!