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Deadpool is not pansexual or gay. His gay jokes with spiderman and cable were just like those jokes with Luke cage and iron-fist.He will say
gay stuff or dress-up to annoy or distract people. He had relationship with many women throughout his career.

Just after Gerry duggan said that he think him as pansexual in twitter, every Tumblr fangirls and redditards wants deadpool to fuck anything with pulse. He even gained some popularity in pansexual community after that tweet.

I am afraid sooner or later Deadpool will change pandering those who wants him to be pansexual. every comics from then will show how much of pansexual he is.Marvel may hire even a pansexual, talentless writer just to write Deadpool.

This will happen. Maybe this year or after a decade. It's inevitable.