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So far, the bitching about MOS #1 involves:

>people complaining about a joke villain being, as usual, treated like a joke then attributing it specifically to Bendis
>people complaining about OC #1 being good at her job on the first day when it's her first day as deputy chief
>people comparing the first scene here to Starlord talking to his dad in Guardians as if they are remotely comparable, as if their talk on Earth is remotely similar to Zaar's about Krypton
>People also complaining about Supes saving a black kid
>being mad about Jon growing up although he's a goddamn kid and kids are growing up all the time
>people complaining about how little happened in the book when it was an obvious set up for newer readers that explained how Superman woks, what kind of personality he has, how his life is, etc. and the set-up for the new villain
>Accusations of "muh typical Bendis" when there's no extensive Bendis-speak nor continuity errors here

Y'all need to stop trying to find shit to hate about Bendis to appear to look cool. Just because you think something will be bad doesn't necessitate that it may be that bad.