Kingdom Hearts Thread

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So who's excited for Kingdom Hearts 3? Do you ever worry about running out of GOOD Disney films to make worlds out of? Seriously the series started with the Disney Renaissance so it started with quality. The only films that never made it from that special time for Disney was The Rescuers Down Under and Native Americans Are Saints.

Incidentally are there any characters you hate from Kingdom Hearts?

The ones that are shit are Aqua and Kairi. Only waifu faggots like them. They should be castrated. I hate Aqua, don't like playing as characters I don't give a damn about. But playing as women who pretend to be tough because stupid faggots like Nomura or Hideo Kojima, or Hideki Kamiya, etc. present women as Men with Tits is just annoying. Fact of the matter is that Sakamoto (Metroid) is the only man who has the nerve to write a woman exactly like how a woman would act. And get this, Samus worships a good looking bastard who treats her like shit while also ranking high in the military way above her. That's more realistic. Women are NOT Men with Tits. Nomura is a piece of shit for creating his shitty twat characters and Xion the garbage transsexual.

Anyway, what do you think of Kingdom Hearts?