NEW episodes of Mighty Magiswords

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new episodes ALL WEEK.... at 6:15 am

>Changeable Terraingable 07/05
Personality conflicts between Vambre and Prohyas come to a head as the Warriors attempt to ace a mission at an ever-changing labyrinth.
>Fixing-a-Flonk! 08/05
Wanting to stop Flonk from being an evildoer for good, Prohyas tries to find Flonk a permanent venue for his nasty comedy. Vambre, however, wants to deliver him to the cops as usual.
>What's My Name? Starring Vambre and Prohyas Warrior 09/05
The Warriors go to extreme measures so folks remember their names.
>Ain't That A Kick In The Side? 10/05
After Witch Way teases Prohyas by calling him, "Vambre's sidekick", Prohyas intensifies his efforts to prove them wrong.
>Vambre's Guilty Pleasure 11/05
Vambre tries her best to keep her tough Warrior reputation intact and still go to the cutesy-wootsy Piggiepie Jones stage show.