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Sissy Hypno

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Warning the following Is 100% certain to Covert Into a Sissy(Read at your Own Risk)

Ever since I discovered the sacred Art of "Sissy Hypnosis" the perception of my miserable reality has shifted into one much more meaningful than my previous. I finally discovered my Ultimate life purpose and goal. I am to forever be a life-long slave to my all mighty master. I am to Please, I am to Satisfy and I am to Serve whomst ever it is in need to relieve or satisfy oneself using my body. I am to forever be ruled, conquered and dominated by those with superior physical attributes to my fragile femboy anatomy. It is my destiny to be abused, punished and maltreated by those with power over me. It is one of my greatest desires to be filled to the brim with bucket loads hot and slimy semen like a filthy cum-dumpster I am. I would be oh so awfully grateful to anyone willing to tie me up like a pretzel and gag me like a filthy whore I am and mangle my rectum to the point of irreversible damage or to choke me out of consciousness and slap my filthy face like a slut I am. Pull me in by my ponytail while going balls deep with your monster cock up my loose and filthy rectum while i call you daddy. Gag me like a little whore I am on your veiny, pulsating and rock solid monster cock as that's all I am a little worthless whore only ever existing to fulfil your fantasies and sexual desires I am here for your Satisfaction. Now, Fuck me! Like a little bitch I am. OwO

-Yours Faithfully