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Star vs. the forces of evil

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Queens of Mewni Part 11: Star, the Underestimated
Part 1 (Sywynne/Jushtin)
Part 2 (Solaria)
Part 3 (Eclipsa)
Part 4 (Festivia/Dirhhennia)
Part 5 (Crescenda)
Part 6 (Rhina)
Part 7 (Celena)
Part 8 (Estrella + Glossarick info)
Part 9 (Comet)
Part 10 (Moon)

What we know for now:
>Lyric, 26th queen of Mewni, let the previous Book of Spells burn.

>Skywynne was a time based magic expert who caused the death of many mewmans.

>Jushtin lost the throne to his sister because he was a boy.

>Solaria initiated the Great Monster War in order to steal and enslave the monsters. She experimented with her own soldiers.

>Eclipsa tried to fix everything by marrying Globgor, leader of the pacifist faction. The MHC betrayed her and got rid of her daughter, Meteora.

>Festivia was lied about her origins and distracted Mewmans with parties.

>Her oldest daughter Dirhhennia lost interest in magic. Festivia handed the wand to the youngest one.

>Crescenda was obsessed with making Mewni better, even if it meant being unethical.

>Rhina was too dependant on her mother. She murdered her demon husband.

>Celena specialized in witchcraft-like magic. She used characters, like Globgor, for symbolism in her cards.

>Estrella... meh.

>Comet was the closest to achieve peace thanks to her friendship with Archduke Batwin. She was murdered by Prince Toffee of Septarsis.

>Moon used Eclipsa's darkest spell against Toffee but didn't have the guts to kill him. This would lead to one of Mewni's biggest crisis.