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Star vs. the forces of evil

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Queens of Mewni Part 4: Festivia, the Fun


Part 1 (Sywynne/Jushtin):

Part 2 (Solaria):

Part 3 (Eclipsa):

What we know for now:
>Lyric, 26th queen of Mewni: let the previous Book of Spells burn in a fire. Only cared about fashion.

>Skywynne was a time based magic expert. Her experiments caused the death of many mewmans and the destruction of a Galaxy.

>Jushtin was good in social interactions (making alliances) and a genius in Maths. Because he was a boy he lost the throne to his sister Solaria.

>Solaria initiated the Great Monster War in order to steal the monster's territory and massacre/enslave them. She experimented with her own soldiers and her crimes were supported by Hekapoo.
Glossaryck openly hated her for this.

>Eclipsa found about her mother's lies and tried to fix everything by marrying the leader of the pro-peace faction (Globgor, King of Darkness). She even created a spell to defeat septarians once and for all; but the MHC betrayed her and got rid of her daughter, Meteora.