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Climate Change Skepticism

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I'm not a scientist, but I just started reading up on climate change. One thing I don't yet understand is the position(s) of the skeptics/deniers. I figure at least some of them are intelligent people with reasonable, good-faith doubts and objections.

So what exactly are these doubts and objections? Which of the following specific subjects are educated, good-faith climate-change skeptics doubtful about?

I) Relationship between temperature and the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

II) Accuracy of current measurements of (a) amount of carbon dioxide in atmosphere or (b) global mean temperature?

III) Accuracy of historic measurements of the same?

IV) Accuracy of climate models used to make predictions about the future regarding the same?

V) Consequences of rising global mean temperature? (e.g., increased flooding and hurricanes, increased drought and crop failure, etc.)

For what it's worth, I'm not sure what I believe yet. So any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks.