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ULA Launch Thread - Parker Solar Probe

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When: Aug. 11 @ 3:33 a.m. EDT (0733 UTC); ~45 minute launch window
Where: SLC-37, CCAFS, Florida
Launch Vehicle: Delta IV Heavy
Weather: 70% GO

Payload: The Parker Solar Probe (PSP)
PSP has a risk classification of "B" according to NPR 8705.4. The overall cost of the program is $1.5b.
Orbit: Elliptical orbit around the Sun at 3.4 degree inclination from the ecliptic plane
Orbital Period: 88 days for final orbits with closest approach
Mission Duration: Baseline seven-year science mission
Mass: 635kg
Builder & Operator: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
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Everyone should tune in for this launch; class-B missions are extremely important, and Delta IV Heavy is always fun to watch!