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Guys I'm terrified of AI.

It seems so obvious to me that we won't be able to control something smarter than ourselves. Heck we can't even make simple software without bugs, how the fuck are we supposed to invent literal Gods that are bug free? The blue screen of death is rough going when it happens to your PC, but what about your driverless car? What about a super intelligent AI with a bug where they mistake happiness for suffering?

There's so many more ways for this to go wrong than there are ways for it to go right.

Looking back at history, it's just war after war, genocide after genocide. I mean shit, just like 80 years ago we were NUKING ourselves.

Why is an even more powerful technology than nukes not being discussed widely in the mainstream? Why isn't this the most funded science on the planet??

Rant over. See you guys in the VR afterlife that we're placed in because we fail to specify exactly what constitutes a good life.