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IQ is a useless measure. Not in that it doesn't give an accurate prediction of retards, but in that it tries to pass off half the retards as non-retards simply because they can recognize shapes half as well as a fucking monkey. Honestly, most 110 IQ people are straight up brain dead and then 75% of the population in white countries is worse than that. I think the best measure for retardation is to just look at how they manage their money. If they're poor and have a negative networth they're proles. If they financed a car or live in debt but have a positive networth they're retarded. If they own a reasonable amount of assets for their age without consumer debt then they're average. If they use their money to produce more money then they're smart. If they started a business or produced something of great worth then they're a genius.

How do you brainlets measure up in this system?