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I'll never understand the Climate Change meme

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So I see all this fear mongering about climate change and it's many effects, with the saving grace of "if you vote for this person we can prevent climate change"
Correct me if i'm wrong but is this not bullshit?

The climate has changed drastically since the earths existence, and change isn't necessarily a bad thing, in 50 years no matter what we do, the climate will have changed from what it is today.
People claim climate change will cause absurd weather conditions like droughts, flooding, and hurricanes, as if we don't already get those is varying intensities, and many of the worst recorded natural disasters happened long before technology.

So is climate change just an inevitability, and the notion that change in the climate can only be a bad thing that must be stopped just a meme? Is the notion that we can stop the climate from changing just a meme? Thoughts /sci/?