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Sticker slaps/Street art

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Anyone here into slapping or creative tags? This is just a general discussion thread regarding the culture surrounding street art. I’ve been very interested in it as of lately, while I appreciate murals or creative works spray painted in public areas, I feel more of a direct connection with the sticker art slaps, because as a preteen me and my family would go downtown on occasions and every time we stoped at a stop walk there were always creative sticker designs to look at or the occasional tag. I don’t remember the name of it but in Chicago there was this robot that was going around town. I don’t know what material it was made of, the one I remember the most was embedded in the street. It was a simple and cute design. Wish I still had a pic of it or knew what the street artist’s name was.

Speaking of which, do you think that street artists should be open about their gender or does it not matter? There are some bigger street artists like swoon who’s a woman street artist, don’t know if her real name is out or not although that would be a risk for her.

What are some thoughts? Anyone else interested in taking part in street art?