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Art supply thread

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>Receive my 30€ brush order consisting of two synthetic Kolinsky Escoda travel brushes
>They are covered in adhesives which I remove, leaving a sticky residue on the brush handle and this is very annoying but I'll rub it off with oil.
>Japanese stationery comes in adhesives that don't leave a residue, why does non-Japanese shit always have sticky residues you have to spend 5 minutes rubbing off with oil.
>Whatever, I take the brushes to the bathroom and carefully wash them with mildly warm water and soap to remove the glue
>Flick the wet brushes and check the sharpness
>They are completely frayed and misaligned and have no shape or point at all
>Swear under my breath for the next 10 minutes while rubbing off the adhesive
Never buy Escoda. Fucking shit company making shit brushes. Brushes these expensive shouldn't be made like this. And fuck reviewers, I swear these people don't fucking paint, they just get a brush in the mail and look at it while it's still glued and imagine it's pretty or they stick it in their ass and decide it deserves 5 stars. What's the fucking criteria for giving 5 stars to a brush that doesn't have anything resembling a point? That it looks somewhat like a brush? That if you dip it into paint the paint doesn't fall off? These brushes have excellent reviews and I thought the price was indicative of quality, the fibers are nice I guess but the workmanship is garbage. It's fucking 1$ chink brush tier garbage. I have another order with a bunch of #2s for inking and I bet that one's gonna be a fucking waste of money too.
The cheap Winsor & Newton cotman brushes are better than this.