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Dismantling my association to Chun

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There’s a huge misnomer as a response to my “egotistical” ravings that I am on par with Chun in terms of skill level, tenacity and willingness to learn. I’ve been waiting YEARS for this dude to produce one work of art I could faithfully get behind. Chun, I like you, but you slighted me yesterday with that post. I really think you are not a good painter, you are wasting a huge deal of resources, and actually it is you that is not a good leaner. As someone that went to a state school, grew up in proverty, and financed my own art education, I didn’t have the privilege to go to RISD, students league, or NYC living. You have all that and out of all that you suck. Like, the word delusional gets thrown around a lot. Well, my narcissism is warranted buddy. Here you are, an Asian “artist”. People already give you the curve...and u SUCK. I am black, people hate me off top, then I am an artist that has no privilege of race or finance. First, You say my art is flawed, all art is flawed. I don’t see your criticism, perfection doesn’t exist. Next, I never said seriously that I am a master. I do have a very distinct voice that allows me to feed my baby. I am always learning. You threw me under the bus yesterday. That was wrong.