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>>Spider-Man defeats Mysterio in Far From Home.
>>Returns back to his house.
>>"Aunt May? I'm home! Aunt May?"
>>Peter gasps in shock as Aunt May's body is found strung up on the wall, charred to a crisp.
>>Suddenly, Peter hears footsteps behind him.
>>IT'S DEADPOOL! Eating a chimichanga!
>>Deadpool "Man, your aunt was smoking!"
>>Deadpool proceeds to shoot Peter in the gut, and pin his hands to the ground with his swords.
>>Deadpool "Now to give the fangirls what they REALLY want!"
>>Deadpool proceeds to anally rape Spider-Man!
>>Deadpool "Mr. Stark, I feel SOOOO good!"
>>Peter screams, as the camera zooms into his mouth.
>>Credits roll, set to Joan Jet's "Bad Reputation"
>>The audience cheers as Deadpool is now in the MCU.