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Share your misery. Job hunting experiences

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T-shirt ideas
> Apply for a postdoc position in the UK.
> Get automatic HR email at 2 am saying I got rejected and no feedback can be provided at this early stage
> A couple of days later receive an email from HR encouraging me to apply for another open position at the same University
> Apply for said position
> Rejected
> Reply mentioning the previous HR email the with the name of the person encouraging me to apply.
> Ghosted

Wtf? How ward it is to be a lab monkey?

I'm going to graduate in a few months. The corporate job market has been hell too. I have applied to 50+ jobs and landed one job interview where, of course, I was rejected without feedback.

I have a broad set of skills (experimental and numerical simulation), I have papers, conferences, collaborative work (to show I am not "autistic" and I can work with others), I have job experience. They dont even allow me to wage slave! How low do they want me to go before giving me the opportunity to slave my soul away for Mr. Shekelberg?

Not even with Boris cucking away for wind energy I have been able to get into the job market.

Anyway... we share our miseries in this thread.