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Debunking "Debunkers"

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I have stumbled into people that eat the shit they read on social more in this last 6 months that I think should have in two lifetimes.

I know much of it is trollbots from Russia and China starting a snowball on social media nevertheless I want to find easy ways to break down shit to normies without triggering a backfire effect or a boomerang one.

So I want to dedicate this thread to sharing easy to digest evidence of things like:

* flat earth
* global warming
* antivaxx
* White supremacist cops
* wage gap
* Covid not existing/no mask

I'm really interested rn in trying to prove the existence of Covid to a friend of mine but I don't know how the fuck to do that.

I do know that every conspiracy theorist has the exact same old points and his reasoning has to be linear x->y->z->.... And sometimes relying in a "mysterious entity". Or else it breaks down unlike a guy that knows his shit.

Eg, flat earthers: Earth is a disc
If it was the case people closer to (pole that has the wall) would be tossed into space if buildings weren't built almost horizontally