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Scenario Thread

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AKA: Post a story or question with your images, I just want a thread that has discussion in it.

You've been invited to an "underground hpyno fight club". You show the doorman your invite and he lets you in, you go down two flights of stairs into an viewing area. Theirs an attendant and an older man in a fancy coat with nude men lined up to meet him. The attendant informs you that the older man is the owner and a famous hypnotist, he tells you to look at the hypnotist as the next man approaches him, the hypnotist leans in and whispers into the man in the front of the line. The man starts roaring and his body hulks out with muscle, his stance becoming aggressive and brutish. The nude titan smiles and stomps forward to the changing room. The coated man notices you and comes to greet you.

"Hello! you must be the new guy! I've invited you to spectate a few fights tonight, and to consider letting me hypnotize you. The men say they LOVE letting loose as those massive beasts, and I know how to unlock the masculinity hidden in a mans mind." The nude men wave and smile at you, excited to transform.

The attendant leads you to the spectating room, where you watch two huge beasts like the grown man earlier fight, they throw their weight around with energy and might, and eventually start fucking too. They look completely engaged and satisfied by the fight.

What would you do? Join the men, remain a viewer, or leave?