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>be me
>13 years old in Japan in a hotel with my older sister
>finished watching Ironman 1 my sister is asleep and I’m pretty horny
>Go to take shower**
>Lay on the floor while the water pours and starting touching my wiener
>this isn’t cutting it
>a wave of arousal hits me and I get the urge to finger myself
>I’ve done this before but I don’t think I’m gay
>prepare with a pinky but then notice those duty free toothbrushes next to the sink
>I can do this
>slowly put the butt of the brush to my unsuspecting anal doorway
>it isn’t going in so I decide to sit on it as if I’m shitting
>fuck fuck fuck that’s shits sharp
>it hit my prostate or something very painful
>toss it away with disgust but I’m not satisfied yet
>been in the shower for about half an hour now my sister is still sleeping
>fuck it
>I lay sprawled out on the bath tub with my legs as far behind my head as I can get them and put my index and middle fingers into my asshole
>it doesn’t feel great but not painful at least so I’m under the illusion that it’s pleasure
>I go in and out in and out faster and faster gaining speed
>I’m reaching Mach 3
>shit I’m about to cum yes it’s so good
>it wasn’t semen that was coming
>something solid pushes against my now whole hand minus the thumb
>I stimulated my colon too much and diarrhea violently flows from my anus
>goddamn that’s a lot
>Two logs of poopy surface like submarines around me
>shower for around an hour now
>I clean myself up but my hands are caked
>I’m pretty tired so I just wipe them on the towels and call it a day
>wake up to my sister freaking out about “brown stuff on the wall”