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/y/ Write Thread #2

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->Works accepted from previous threads by writerfags are welcome and encouraged to be posted.

Rules: (READ THEM)

1. Be polite to the writefriends, they're writing for you after all.
2. Don't expect your piece to be finished right away, have patience.
3. There is a difference between hate and critique.
4. If you are not specific, don't be upset if you don't get what you want.

Notes for writerfags and writerfriends and anyone who wants to give it a try:

1. If you're an author looking for requests, make a post stating what you will/won't write. Listing fandoms you're familiar with will help!
2. If you take a request, please make updates or post it, don't let the people hanging, it's mean and kills the thread.
3. And thank you so much.