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cardarine gw50156

The only concern is it may result in cancer at high doses when taken at long periods of time. Like really overdoing it.
Personally, I've bought it for my dad and he's been using it on and off for the past 3 years. 5 weeks on 5 off. 15 mg per day. His blood circulation to his legs isn't that good resulting in cramps when sleeping. First treatment was 60 days. He was pain free after the 4 week of the 2 month treatment. Then the pain came back after a month after the treatment ended. Now it's a month on, a month off and he's pain free. Also his hdl/ldl is perfect. He gets his blood work done every half a year and his doctor compliments how good his hdl /ldl.

My dad is old, if this treatment results in him getting cancer then so be it. He doesn't care. He would rather die of cancer than have his legs amputated.

Would you do the same?