0.999...<1 sheep

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The mathematical concept of infinity and it's existence is a way to keep you stuck. Getting stuck is hell, ask lord Jesus for help and he will help you become unstuck.
Eternity does not equal infinity, as you are not stuck doing the same thing over and over again. There is a new beginning, a new life. Of course, there is death of what you were.
Think of all those criminals who could have once been good, nice kids who love animals. They have died.
Or think of those who got the COVID vaccines, an experimental jab out of fear. They are changed. They have sold their souls for money.
Think too, of those criminals condemned to death who said sorry to their victims before they died and meant it. They are new men.
Infinity is a scam made by out of touch with reality scientists, intellectuals and mathematicians.

Now a very very very serious yet simple proof is about to unfold. Two numbers are different if there is somewhere one single difference between any digit, when both are written in decimal form.

0.9999... begins with a 0 and has a bunch of 9 afterwards. 1.0000... begins with a 1 and has a bunch of 0 afterwards.
Hence 0.9999... < 1 sheepies.