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Master thesis question.

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I've a student of a law (political and legal doctrines) and i have a problem of finding easy to write topic for master thesis. I was trying to write thesis on syncretism of Nazism and renaissance utopias as an answers for modern problems, but apparently first one was too hard for me and when it comes to second i cannot find any literature on this subject. My promoter is garbage and don't help me at all with how MT is suppose to looks like. By myself, after couple of failures, I came to the conclusion that it should look more like a bible - little of text and a lot of annotations - since every time i read articles/books on the topic and then type something myself its wrong.Only thing she recommended me is researchgate but evey article on this shitty site is blocked and i need to ask for permission to access it.
Any examples of topics and tips on how to write this shit?