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How likely is a total civilization collapse in the next 50 years?

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I'm starting to progressively become more anxious with the various problems our world currently face such as

>climate change
>rising sea levels
>ocean pollution and acidification
>more extreme weather
>crop failures
>gulf stream being affected by ice melting
>total uncontrolled hyper consumption
>no global plans to fight pollution by big corporations
>runaway greenhouse and positive feedback loop of carbon cycle
>permafrost thawing
>over fishing
>more infectious diseases
>rising cost of life with stagnant wages and less and less buying power
>housing more expensive
>invasive species
>rising wave of anti-intellectualism, nationalism and unstability world wide
>rising populations and the beginning of massive migrations of populations
>alternative green energies still pollute and requires lots of ressources

>almost no effort to fight any of the above

Will a societal collapse a la Mad Max/ Fallout / Children of men happen in our lifetime? What would be the most likely scenarios for the coming decades?