The (((college))) meme

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Why do you hopeless, sub-25yo /sci/fags bother with uni???
You know for a fact, it's a waste of time and that academic credibility in the 21st century information age is worthless and dead. Even if you do graduate or even publish, you're just going to be some corporate droning stooge for silicone valley, ultra-left wing, hypocrite (((Executives))) in the working job market or a no name, bird's nest/ combover hair, autistic professor constantly publishing garbage to meet uni quotas for more DoE or TechCorporation gibmedats.
Why not instead focus on getting a blue collar trade, then making passive income and wealth FIRST as a /biz/nessman, while you do the occasional independent study and self teaching, THEN do your passion as an obsessive hobby on the side when you have disposable income or as a goal to spend all your wealth on when you become financially independent?