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Why can't the U.S have 1 centralized online school?

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3.2 million teachers in the US and over 200,000 schools. The cost of maintaining these schools, paying the teachers, and sending kids there is egregious. Additionally, having so many schools breeds inconsistencies in education like GPA inflation or teacher quality variability and necessitate things like the SAT to gauge such inconsistencies. We have the internet now ffs. Why can't we just have a massive centralized government sponsored 'Coursera' type school for all students? An oligarchical online-based central school where some top academics in their respected fields can choose to compete over a big government salary to be an instructor for the central school. The course content would be taught online and millions of dollars would go into producing top-tier "3blue1brown" type videos for students around the country for each subject - making each course top tier (instead of dispersing money sparsely to each individual school to make their own classes). Why can't we just have this central online school instead of this sparse allocation of funds to millions of loq IQ karens with degrees in education teaching around the country? Is there any argument against this other than "muh social interaction" or "centralized bad"?