Help a /fit/izen Guillotine Themselves

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SUP NURDS. I'm creating an elaborate deathtrap with which to execute myself and shuffle this mortal coil, will you help?

The tensile strength of a steel bar is given in PSI, with a standard olympic barbell of 28mm diameter and 2.2m length being rated at least 160,000 PSI, the yield strength (point at which bar is permanently deformed) should be close to this, maybe 85% of the tensile strength value.

How do I go about finding the weight that can be placed ~2m apart on the bar for a given bar strength in PSI? If I have a cheap 2.2m long, 28mm thick bar made of C1018 steel (which has a tensile strength of 64,000 PSI, and a yield strength of 54,000 PSI, properties based on a typical 25mm/1 inch bar) how much weight can I load this bar with in the manner described above before exceeding the yield point equivalent to 54,000 with a 25mm bar? How does this compare to the weight loaded at a yield point of 136,000 (85% of 160,000)?

Thanks xx