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How do you cope with your existence?

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We are biochemical computers, encoded as genes to have attributes and traits. Our brain is physical, it holds instances of competing thoughts and desires, and what I think I am is basically a computer which booted up in ram and can die at any time. The hardware is my physical limit. The instances that I boot up in are my waking times, and I have no idea if I did the things I did or just think I did and was thrown in here like a boltzmann brain. The most insane idea I have is that I would be completely different if I had a different childhood different height or race, and if we can wipe the mind of someone by understanding neurology more, that person could have traits and attributes, like a computer's files that are just copied onto them. That seems to be realistic, although probably primitive in our lifetimes.
I don't know what "I" am anymore. Is experience just placebo or implanted thoughts, and implanted by what?
I've been thinking about death a lot, I am terrified of it after taking mushrooms and I want to live. But I also don't want the world to change, I remember one person who lived very long saying he was looking forward to dying because the world had changed and he knew nobody. How do you cope scientists?