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So /sci/, lets have a resonable discussion

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The Climateshit is a really emotional topic even on here, but i just want to ask you the following and hope you can answer calmly and in good faith

Michael Manns graphs from this pic was used during the early 2000s a lot to justify the CO2 theory. Now narrative has moved away from it and focuses on bushfires, floods and warm summers but then again this would mean nothing if it was way hotter before becasue you could discard the "tipping points" and all those world ending theorys easily.

So i want you guys to look at Michael Manns graph and then at the three ice cores i will post. Three different ones to disperse the "location specific data" argument as good as humany possible so please be intellectually honest here.

Looking at the data, either Manns Graph or the ice cores must be wrong, so which one is it? Or maybe you have some explaination for the discrepancy?