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Daily reminder to stop talking out your ass about a topic you know nothing about. Instead of fooling yourself you are smart, you could shut up and read the other posts and ask questions. Maybe you'd actually learn something.

If you do not pass the following requirements, do not post in the associated thread. If you do pass the requirements and have some fringe crackpot view, okay then you are allowed to shit up the thread with it. No favoritism here.

Please do not post on the associated topic if you can not at least answer the question below

What is a partition function?

>special relativity
How do you do a Lorentz transformation on an electromagnetic tensor?

>Is quantum mechanics bullshit?
What is electronic band structure?

>Space-time and extra dimensions
What is a metric?

>General relativity
What is a Christoffel connection coefficient?

>Cosmology and the big bang
How do you solve the Friedmann equations for a matter dominated universe

>Black holes
What is a Penrose diagram?

>Quarks and gluons
What is the Lagrangian for a non-Abelian gauge theory?

>String theory
What is the central charge?