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Psilocybin and psychedelics.

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General thread related to psychedelics. Particularly interested in references to studies done on their effects on different layers of the brain.
Microdosing experiences and recommendations encouraged.
Microdosing is my current area of interest. I self medicate and have found psilocybin particularly helpful in my circumstances. However dosage is problematic for reasons which should be obvious.
I would prefer to use psilocybin over LSD because ergo contains a plethora of toxins. LSD extractions are also complex.
What I am specifically seeking is any references to papers or other reading material describing processes which can be used to extract psilocybin (a fairly simple process) to make microdosing more reliable. Also I am especially interested in any techniques which can render psilocybin stable. I assume the best way of doing so is by converting it into a salt.
This is a thought experiment only. Nobody is intending to break any laws in this thread. Information and discussion is not against the law, especially in the united states where it is my understanding that freedom of speech is a very important right.