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After Law School, I would like to study Aeronautical Engineering

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Hi all. Currently I'm stuyding Law in my home country, located in the South America. I like my career path, and I'd like to see myself as sucessful lawyer specialized in International Relations. I want to be a diplomat or something similar in the next 10 years.

I'm 20 years old, and I feel I have all the next decade for me to grow up and begin understanding the world more. Due to that, I would like to start studying something related to science, specifically Aeronautics Engineering. Don't get me wrong, I love what I'm currently studying right now, and its one of my goals. But as a man of Humanities, I want to have at least a degree related to Science.

I was never very good on math, but with some study, I can understand them, and I'm willing to spend as much time as necessary so I can achive this goal of mine too. I want to know where I can start looking for info, excercises or theory.

One last thing, since this career is non-existent in my home country, that means I'd have to move to Canada or the US to study it?

Thank you very much, and I would be glad to hear your answers.

PS: That pic is an inspiration to me. Whenever I see it, I want to be a child again, and dream about how mankind can do anything, and conquer the space :)