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Dimension barriers

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All living creatures occupy a primary dimension. They can manipulate but not dominate their primary dimension. They can feel but not manipulate the dimension above them. They are affected by, but cannot feel or manipulate higher dimensions above that.

Humans are 3D creatures. We dominate the 2D and 1D dimensions and have always survived as ground dwellers moving in a x-y plane. We can manipulate 3D (z axis) with lots of effort, and in fact much of humanity's progress is based on further control and manipulation of 3 dimensions (buildings, flight, etc).

We are affected by and feel, but cannot manipulate time. Time is the first order dimension above us. We know it exists and create all kinds of theoretical frameworks about it, we can even move about it to some extent by controlling our speed, but we can't explicitly control it.

This limitation will always be fundamental to us. We will never control time, it simply wasn't meant to be. We would lose meaning as a species of any action or decision can be changed.

But there are probably species above us that are primary 4D creatures. That can manipulate time. For them, life is probably more about comparing and trying to create the optimal timeline. And meanwhile, they too will feel and be dominated by higher dimensions. For them, gravity is probably the dimension that they can feel but not control.

And so on and so forth.

Extend this concept, and you'll see that there are infinite invisible dimensions that shape our destiny that we have zero control over, that we can't even measure. Just like how an ant could be squashed by us from above at any moment, but to them it will be like an object coming out of an invisible portal instantly. They could never comprehend.

Any input on my concept would be appreciated. I'm also working on a framework of how human behavior mimics the laws of physics, allowing ones understand of physics (momentum, gravity, laws of thermodynamics, etc) can predict ones behavior and inclinations.