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Ethics wise, is there really anything wrong with the concept of genetically engineered catgirls for domestic ownership?

It seems like such a win-win deal for society. Loneliness is at an all time high in our society and giving people the ability to own ‘pet humans’ would greatly help with this. In some respects, having a human pet would be better than just telling a person to “Get a girlfriend lmao” because it wouldn’t have any of the baggage attached to it that a real person would have. No vices, no aspirations, this pet would just be made to eat, sleep and follow you around the house.

By using CRISPR gene editing, you could keep all of the physical traits of humans but drastically reduce their intelligence to something like a cat or simian, thereby completing avoiding all of the “What it means to be human” bullshit. A human pet wouldn’t have to file your taxes or other inane chores like a robot, it’d just have to keep you company. By providing it with food and shelter, it’d naturally grow affectionate to you and provide you with the same feeling a dog or cat does. Yeah it’d probably shit in the hallway at first but you’d train that out of it just like a pet.

Apart from being expensive, I really can’t see how it’d be any different to owning a pet today. Seems like our only barrier is technology.