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Bust a nut in my personal inquiry

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Hey fuckers
I'm new to 4chan
I'm also drunk
I'm 21 years old (For Now, life is so fucking fleeting™)
I want you fuckers to tell me what life is all about
No telling me the meaning of life is to suck some nut, I already know that shit
Fuckin here's the deal
I just finished the flash player game called "motherload" right? if you know you know. and it was fuckin dope. I realized that I've never ever ever finished it before. Kinda cool! But either way. Explain to me this:
what is the poin of anything
and is it worth it to try to save & invest and retire earyt

please dont rip me a new one internet,
(my first try at this fucking autistic bullshit)
Drunk Fucker