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Hiroyuki, please delete /pol/ and ban everyone who posts /pol/ bullshit.

Yesterday, a 19 year old shot and killed one person and wounded three others in my home town. He was the son of my high school Physics teacher. That teacher was a man I respect incredibly. I did not have a fun time in school, and without people like him in my life, I probably would be dead right now. He was kind, caring, and right now he's dealing with the fact that his son killed a person because of hate found on boards like /pol/. Hate that serves no purpose. Hate that isn't funny or cute, but serves to drive people to kill other people.

I've been a poster on 4chan since 2004. I was here when the lolita board was nixed. I went through the time when /jp/ was split off of /a/ and the drama that caused. When 4chan died like 5 times, each time thinking it was for good. I would post on /b/ for happy negro and cockmonger, and EFG and drawfags. I raided Habbo Hotel and declared that the pool was closed due to aids. I've seen it. I was there. What's happening now is nothing like that. We never went our of our way to hurt people. Everything we said was said with the understanding that we were joking. Nothing was serious enough to get mad about, and nothing was off limits. As the site has grown... it's changed. The people on /pol/, the people who post Pepe and do all of this bullshit, they genuinely believe what they're saying. They don't see this as a joke. They want to hurt people, and it's happened. It keeps happening. 4chan banned gamergate for a reason. Why is this any different? Yes, you can't stop this sort of hate from existing everywhere, but I sure as fuck don't want to be a part of a site that enables it anymore.

I'm posting this here instead of /qa/ because I know that at the end of the day money talks. I'm a 4chan pass holder, and I have been for years. Please listen to what I'm saying. This isn't worth it. /pol/ is a cancer of cancers. It's going to kill us. It's killed people. Please.