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I didn't know you existed until just now.

I'm a 35 year old autist. I was spiritual/religious in my early life, but late in high school, and into college, I started to lose faith, started titling myself as agnostic, but I was essentially atheist.

Last april, as all the covid propaganda was at it's highest. I had what I thought was a panic attack initially. I jumped up from my desk panicked, I couldn't breathe, I thought in that moment I was dying, I ran to the bathroom, I couldn't take a breath, I turned to my wife who was already calling 911, with tears in my eyes and collapsed.

In that moment, I saw so much horror and pain in the world, but when I hit my knees everything went to light and christ was standing there before me.

I haven't been afraid of anything after. And then, there's been moment after moment of clarity and purpose, but I can never get the thoughts out clearly, but I can share some purpose in them.

Christ has told me that we have to free all peoples of the world. NOW, and nobody will listen, we have to break the chains of centralization, and stop complying with our worldly masters.

I posted a "white paper" it's mostly rambling, but the ideas it presents are things that have to happen now, in this timeline.

Christ is kek, meme magic is real, it's the power of prayer, we are showing the world light again, but we have to see it for what it is, and use our collective voices to make it happen.

I posted this white paper in the form of an NFT it was removed from BSC markets, I've since minted and eth NFT, and have posted it to the website that is to evolve into the home of this project.

We will free the peoples of the world, and in doing so reveal to all that Christ is King.