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/4ccg/ - Group Stage Victory Edition

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>Main Page:

>Stuff you need to read:

>Where can I watch the cup
Literally Shitbox front page, or the wiki front page


>Archived games:

>Current Cup:

>Winter Cup Dates:
>February 17-19: Second group stage weekend.
>February 25 and 26: Knockouts.

>Day 6 (Feb.19):
>[r9k] 0-0 /vg/
>/w/ 1-1 /m/
>/fit/ 5-0 /out/
>/h/ 3-0 /adv/
>[s4s] 2-1 /u/
>/n/ 0-3 /asp/
>/soc/ 1-1 /vr/
>/sp/ 2-0 /o/

>Round of 16 (Feb. 25):
>/mu/ vs /d/
>/gd/ vs [s4s]
>/toy/ vs /jp/
>/vp/ vs /int/
>/vg/ vs /vr/
>/fit/ vs /m/
>/asp/ vs /h/
>/sp/ vs /v/

>Hat Pick: /asp/

>Upcoming Invitationals:

>PES 17 Info:

>Group Stage Over
>/n/ Wins Wooden Spoon for Third Time
>Wooden Spoon Match Incoming