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>What is this?
A free SS13-ish game about dying horribly on a submarine.

>Where do I get it?

>Is there a server?
The /indie/ server should be running about 24/7 for now, but servers sometimes disappear from the server list apparently. Try joining via

>Where do I get the subs?!3MUDiAJb!6FxQW3qXBTmcXBmBppQCfw

>What do I do in-game?
General rundown is: Get generator running, set up the railguns, go to objective marker, kill monster/get artifact, go to endpoint. Also fix any hullbreaches and get any unwanted water out the sub during all of that.
These tasks are all shared across the crew obviously, so you don't have to (and shouldn't) do all of it yourself.

>I'm new to this, should I take assistant?
No. The game has character skills and the assistant is objectively worst at everything. Take engie or mech.

>What are the controls?
WASD to move, E to interact, Tab to chat. LMB uses most objects in your hand, some others have to be "aimed" with RMB first, like any weapon or the welder/cutter.

>How do I set up the generator?
Set shutdown temp to 6-7k, then fission to 100% until around 2k (grid load and temp should be the same), then enable auto-adjustment and you're basically done unless someone fucks with it. Just make sure to replace the fuel rod once it's empty.

>How do I set up the railgun?
Set the capacitors to charge at 20% and put the shells into the loader (pick them up with E, then hit E on the loader and drag them into the boxes with your mouse). Protip: C4 (and possibly stun grenades) can be put into the shells to make them more deadly.

>How do I fire the railgun?
E on the periscope, then RMB to aim and LMB to fire.

>How do I equip a diving suit?
Unequip your current clothes, then hit E on the diving suit. Don't forget to put in an oxygen tank.