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Ilias Akbar Edition

Pastebin (Includes MGQ: Part 3 DL links and Translation Patch):

MGQ Megapack (all three parts prepatched w/ MGQ: Paradox demo and NG+ Mod):!nVlhRDYQ!wDoPt0jzkwDB9wCy4jnf7iN5cQdjGR9exjl3a_Plru4

>MGQ: Paradox
Untranslated Paradox Part 1 v1.02:!LkEynCIS!-6YppBm9h4Ivi_iztK-x2dDA3Hgoxalpa63WwP2fkMM
Partial English patch for Paradox Part 1 v1.02 (Basic Translation):!DE5xSbgb!-NgdlMIZF4sRbZszxsffPXlfBXGB8ExjP6oGjjLiCE4
Untranslated Paradox Part 1 v1.10:!hBxhhDxY!NylnEWoNjeTUdTSim188s0Ml8iox0oHlqKGlKDbUItM

Read before asking - Paradox Part 1 Walkthrough:
Monster Guide:
How to modify JP with Cheat Engine:
Chef-made gifts guide:

>NG+ mod for MGQ
NG+ Part 1+2 (2.5 version) + Part 3 Demo:!7dMB1QCY!RdSQoV9yXg5pKq1cFplo_nYEm6AHQIMmcK00cJncwno

NG+ Part 1+2 2.48 Patch:

Help that faggot Ecstasy test the game and search for bugs (since it seems his testers can't):

>Other stuff
Sacred and Profane:
Writefaggotry index:
MGQ sidestories:
Bug-fixed official engrish localization of MGQ Part1 for shits and giggles:

You're also welcomed to discuss other monstergirl games (Kamidori, Violated Hero, Vanadis etc...)

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