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>do very well at game
>don't die at all during the police station, before going underground
>generally only land crit headshots
>get underground
>beat boss, spending lots of ammo on it
>adaptive difficulty kicks in
>suddenly getting a lot less ammo from pickups
>even combining gunpowder to create ammo now creates less ammo

I feel like I'm about to hit a dead end. I only have a few bullets left and a couple of shotgun shells. The adaptive difficulty thing is bullshit, why even give a difficulty selection if you're gonna adjust the difficulty according to how the player does anyway? If I sucked at the game it would be throwing ammo at me, but seeing as I've been doing well and not dying it's decided to starve me of resources. I had a ton of ammo before spending most of it on the underground boss and then on the zombie dogs, which are pretty much unavoidable and now I'm supposed to go back into the station and I have enough ammo for maybe 2 more zombies. This sucks.