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#notmyre2 - remake 2 hate thread

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>download demo after saw it in xbox store after playing some rdr2
>dark ass corridors with fake lighting
>very bad controls, the original one unironically had better ones
tho my mistake for playing it on console rather than pc, this is no go game for console since capcom can't tps games
>zombies literal bullet sponges
>ironically doesn't matter where you shoot them, would be sensical if you shoot zombies to the head they would drop after couple shots but it takes atleast 4 to kill them when shot in the head
now listen, this tps design of the whole game is wasted because of stuff like this, should've kept them static cams because this makes no difference, only makes it shittier. they even put in recoil stuff to make it more realistic, isn't it in every place that if you shoot zombie in the head it dies, lickers and other stronger ones would be different ofc
>knives with durability
what kind of fucking chinese aluminum trash knives they got? dropped
>absolutely soulless corridors, with those retarded postprocess fake lighting effects and top of that flashlight memes

my condolences to all of you tards who's gonna actually buy this especially if you're gonna get it for console. let alone praise this in any way. you got no taste, all your taste buds have been numbed down by the vast amounts of shit you consume.

yep, it's a another pirated game for me.