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Animal Crossing Leaks

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I know how excited everyone is for the upcoming game and I wanted to give you all some info about Animal Crossing 2019.
Just to give you some background: Development began in 2016 with an intended release year of 2019. It was being worked on concurrently with Splatoon 2 and development really ramped up when that game shipped.

Animal Crossing was actually not supposed to be announced in the September Direct. Nintendo was preparing to make promo material for Isabelle’s reveal as a challenger in Smash Bros but they realised that her appearance without any mention of a mainline AC game coming to Switch would receive massive backlash from the AC community. So they contracted the same contractor who made Isabelle’s Smash trailer to also make a quick CGI trailer using existing assets. I believe the intended reveal date was January.

Now onto the meat of the leak… Animal Crossing 2019 will be entitled Animal Crossing: Welcome Home and is targeting a release date of March 2019. I’m not sure about the exact date as plans are in flux dependent on whether or not Nintendo feels they are able to hit their self-imposed target of 20 mil Switches. I don’t really understand how it can come out so soon but that is the date I’m hearing.