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Hi! I was working at CEO this year and I managed to get a copy the demo build used for the tournaments. There were a few interesting things in the code for the character select:
>The Simon Belmont leaker had the Castlevania IP right, but not the character. "Rihita", Richter Belmont's Japanese name, was among those listed.
>"Sirnight", Gardevoir's Japanese name, was among them. Interestingly, Lucina, Dark Pit, and Daisy are all listed with their echo counterparts - "Gothiruselle" (Gothitelle) was underneath her. I presume, then, that Gothitelle is going to be an echo of Gardevoir.
>"Mario2" was listed as a seperate character. I have no idea what this means, but if I had to guess, either Paper Mario or Mario 64 Mario.
>"Kruru" (King K Rool) and "DakuS" (Dark Samus? It was underneath regular Samus) were both listed, unsurprisingly.
Obviously it's a demo build, so there may be more characters who haven't been added to the select screen code yet.