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Heya /v/. I'm not here to give you just leaks on E3, but to tell about some stuff I know. A friend of mine works with Nintendo for media, things like logos, trailers, etc. I had been talking to him a bit yesterday over Discord because he's been stressed a lot lately, and for good reason. Nintendo is really going at it in the next few weeks. Cuz of the stress he really let loose last night and gave me a shit ton of info. Most of it was spoken kinda slurry cuz he'd been drinking a bit it seems so I did my best to make sense of it, and present it kinda neatly.

>First up, Nintendo Switch Online. This one was what he was mainly stressed over, as a lot of the plans have changed for it. Current date for info dump is May 7th. With it comes pricing (even though that's publicly available), info about the service and a release date on September 24th. For the price you get dedicated voice chat on the console through a partnership Nintendo is currently finalizing with several candidates (Discord is the big one), exclusive discounts on eShop stuff (having a My Nintendo account also adds additional discounts in some areas), online play of course and the Virtual Console stuff, which has also been changed so now like Playstation Plus and such, you get access to a select amount of games per month and you keep them as long as your membership is renewed.
>Speaking of Virtual Console: General idea behind that has been changed around too. New branding is "Nintendo Classics", and thanks to some new software Nintendo can start pumping these out way more often, and at a way cheaper cost. If your highest NES game cost like $6 on the Wii U for example, expect that cost to be around the $2.50 range now. They expect these to start coming out in August, with NES and GB being available at the start, and then SNES and 64 stuff being added by the end of 2018/early 2019. Gamecube/Wii is still up in the air.