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help dealing with being an incel at game night

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>got into a new group last year at university
>6 people, 3 guys 3 girls
>all 3 of the girls have a fuckbuddy thing going on with 1 of the other guys in the group
>they regularly make fun of me and the other guy for being virgins/single

How do I stay OK at game sessions like this? I really enjoy the game when we're playing but the feelings of jealousy and anger have started to get overwhelming. It makes me so sad and depressed to go to a game night, get teased for something out of my control, and then go home alone knowing the other people in the group are probably fucking.

Should I just quit the group? I don't have another game going currently and I feel they will know why I quit. I wish I could just find a way to suppress my emotions.