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*mumbles into headset mic at assorted volumes*

>"...And I think we all know the benefits of a strict class based system, even if we don't think about it often. As Jung pointed out, and he was an amazing DM, just the most brilliant DM in history, the archetypal class system helps to order and center a well made character. It' has structure, it has order, every role has a specific function it brings to the party dynamic. And you actually, in fact it's not a theory, see the strict class based system develop independently in many separate rules systems. So why would it come into existence so repeatedly and independently if it wasn't the natural and best way? In fact, scientific studies have concluded that infants raised with a specific and structured class versus a complicated amorphous grab-bag of un-structured perks, skills, powers, or class features per level, human infants will most of the time always doing much better in a defined class role than the babies who go through the neverland mirror of freeform, undefined leveling systems. As I talk about in my book modules of meaning, you only really see large scale implementation of free-form systems employed by neo-marxist postmodernists, and it never works out, sometimes a majority of the time in those system you see time and again builds that look like they will amount to something just fail to really fill the party role they were going for to their maximum potential, resulting in a feelings of unfulfillment and then the character just winds up getting abandoned, the godless monsters!

*audience claps like they just found out they were on the shortlist for getting raptured up into heaven*